On a Scale of 1 to 10" is the new film from the team behind "Your Second fifty, rising above the fears of aging", and "To life, death and beyond, the music of Magma".


Chronic pain affects 1 out of 5 people in North America, to various degrees. In more extreme cases, often people find themselves misunderstood, isolated and eventually may fall into depression. Both the director Laurent Goldstein and the executive producer Jennifer Unruh have had a first hand experience with chronic pain.

"The Music of Magma" is a feature film that explores one of the most visionary and innovative music of the last 50 years, Magma. It takes the audience on a fascinating journey through several countries where the band has been filmed, fascinating interviews with fans and musicians from the band along with an in-depth interview at the home of the visionary leader of the band, Christian Vander.

This is what the film "Your Second Fifty" is about, a source of inspiration and tools to breakdown limiting beliefs that are stopping you (subconsciously) from being all you can be. In the film we give you the keys, just follow us along the way.

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