Kelowna Video Production

Victoria Video Production Services: How Citrus Pie Media Group Can Superboost Your Product Videos.

Companies should always endeavor to put their best foot forward when it comes time to interface with clients. There is no connection more meaningful in today's digitally driven world than when a potential customer sits down to watch your advertisement campaign. In the YouTube and Facebook era, being able to quickly send a powerful message to potential clients is a game-changing skill that Citrus Pie Media Group (CPMG) can help you with. Today, we want to introduce you to professional video production services and their corresponding benefits.

Whether you are looking to start a Kelowna video production or a Victoria video production, your journey should begin with a consultation performed by professionals. Citrus Pie Media Group offers full-scale production assistance for corporate videos, social media marketing, product videos, employee profile videos, and more. After consulting with the multi-talented team at CPMG, you will be able to hand the reins over to their team to take care of the rest.

The basic Victoria video production and Kelowna video production packages include 1.5 hours of on-location filming in addition to audio mixing, editing, and design. All footage is filmed in HD for your enjoyment. If you want to showcase something more extensive and highly-produced, consider upgrading your package to the Best Value that CPMG has to offer, the Enhanced Video Package.

The Enhanced Kelowna Video Production package includes up to 4 hours of filming at one location. In addition to editing and design, as well as audio mixing, your package will include a camera operator and a director throughout your production.

Citrus Pie Media Group has helped over 600 clients accumulate a combined million views since they first broke into the industry. If you are looking for professional video products that can help boost your business and build your brand, Citrus Pie Media Group can help today!